Building network is very easy now - you can do it on Twitter and LinkedIn etc. But will these large numbers of shallow connections help you build what you care about?

Helpbuild is an MVP of an idea for project builders like startup founders to segment, activate, engage their network to help them make their project successful.


November 6, 2020 1700 GMT – November 8, 2020 1700 GMT

Skills we need

We are testing both code and problem / solution fit so we need a variety of skills and help:

  • development skill in the React + Rails + Postgres (this is the tech stack)
  • web & UX design skill (happy to do good-enough and work iteratively)
  • functional and usability testing
  • early adopters

Core Team size:

The core team will have all the skills listed above (excluding the early adopters).

This will be 5 -7 members strong, including the wizewerx tech team.

So, we are looking for a core group of 3 – 5 people with the skills above.

Participation & Stipend

There is a stipend of $50 per person for the hackathon.
More details of this when you sign up and show up.

To keep things simple, your participation is only counted if you join at the start and stay till the end.

Iteration Plan