The System that Works for Building a Playbook

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Calling something so official by a name so unserious can make readers sometimes quite confused about how to approach the subject matter. While writing on this topic, I realized that in most dictionaries than others, playbooks are in their basest form meant for sports!! The North American dictionary says “a book containing a sports team’s […]


3 months ago, I registered for an internship during the lockdown where we had an introduction to UI/UXdesign with Adobe XD and Figma. I kept on playing with XD for few weeks because it was easy to install and i didn’t understand why I’ll need internet whenever i wanted to design, i did a couple […]

Learning from software engineering interns.

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By Mark Rutto and Audu Charity You have made the tension to advance your technical skills and learn to code and you are asking yourself, “Where do I start? You-tube tutorials?  Online classes? An internship?”. All these questions will determine your future career path if you seek the best answers to them and make a […]


We are starting our internship program – offering 3 people the chance to work and learn with us for 3 months. We plan to run 3 of these programs a year.